Jewellery Care

So you've got your new piece of jewellery, but how do you take care of it? 

Tarnishing - Metals will tarnish. Tarnishing is a result of the corrosions of metals as it reacts with moisture, air or chemical compounds. The discolouration can be cleaned off with a simple method. Warm water, bicarb soda and a tea towel. Using just a small amount of water, wet the end of a towel and rub the bicarb into the problem areas. Rinse and repeat until you are satisfied. PS, if you wear your silver often, there is less of a chance it will tarnish as quickly as the oils in your skin can prevent it from happening. 

Dirt & Grime - Warm water and a gentle soap (with no moisturisers or cream), using a brush can dislodge grime or dirt built up in crevices of your jewellery piece. If your piece has a Doublet (assembled gem composed in two sections) be sure to limit exposure to water as the adhesive may dissolve. 

Storage - Store your jewellery pieces in dry areas, NOT THE BATHROOM! Humidity will speed up the tarnishing process. Typically, jewellery should be stored away from direct flowing air, eg, a pouch or jewellery box. 

Polishing Cloth - A polishing cloth can be super handy for a quick clean if you need to in a hurry! It will also remove some tarnishing. They are usually inexpensive and great to have around. 

Opal Jewellery Care - F.A uses only Australian Opals! These precious gems should be well looked after... Australian Opal is a soft stone that is prone to chipping. To avoid this I recommend to only wear Opal Jewellery when you are not performing activities such as washing up and gardening etc. 

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